THE AUTHOR – Dr. Susan O Keitumetse

Whereas heritage in its general context is a relatively new undertaking, its standpoint as an African initiative is lacking. This blog aims to provide provoking discussions that place African cultural heritage conservation and management in its modern and global contexts that can subsequently feed what constitute sustainable development using cultural and heritage resources in Africa.

About the author:

Dr. Susan O. Keitumetse, is at the University of Botswana’s Okavango Research Institute as a researcher in cultural heritage and tourism where she undertakes applied research in areas such as the Okavango inland Delta World Heritage Site and Kalahari desert. She works towards developing a cultural heritage management program for Africa using experience from her work. Of particular note is her developing conservation model of Community-Based Cultural Heritage Resources Management (COBACHREM) to guide practitioners and scholars on management procedures that are specific to cultural resources.

ResearchGate profile

  • Dr Susan O. Keitumetse obtained a degree in Archaeology and Environmental Sciences and Post Graduate Diploma in Education (Geography and History) from the University of Botswana. She went on to compete for and win two separate Commonwealth scholarships both to University of Cambridge, UK, where she pursued MPhil (Archaeological Heritage Management and Museums) and later on PhD (African cultural heritage and Sustainable Development) sponsored by the Cambridge Livingstone Trust. During her post-graduate studies, she combined both environmental science and archaeology disciplines to venture into the broader cultural and heritage management studies with a thesis on sustainable development and cultural heritage management at the department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge. With a view to catalyze the linkage between the natural environment and cultural and heritage environs in Africa, Dr Keitumetse conducted various researches and published works that illustrate the relevance of cultural and heritage resources for the broader environmental conservation.
  • Books:                            She is the author of African Cultural Heritage Conservation and Management: Theory and Practice from Southern Africa: Springer, 2016
Select journal publications:
  1. Keitumetse, S. O. (2011). Sustainable development and cultural heritage management in Botswana: Towards sustainable communities. Sustainable development, 19(1), 49-59.
  2. Keitumetse, S. O. (2009). The eco‐tourism of cultural heritage management (ECT‐CHM): Linking heritage and ‘environment’in the Okavango Delta Regions of Botswana. International Journal of Heritage Studies, 15(2-3), 223-244.
  3. Keitumetse, S. (2006). UNESCO 2003 Convention on Intangible Heritage: practical implications for heritage management approaches in Africa. The South African Archaeological Bulletin, 166-171.
  4. Keitumetse, Susan O., Geoffrey Matlapeng, and Leseka Monamo. “Cultural Landscapes, Communities and World Heritage: In Pursuit of the Local in theTsodilo Hills, Botswana.” Envisioning landscape: situations and standpoints in archaeology and heritage 52 (2007): 101.
  5. Keitumetse, S. (2003). Celebrating or marketing the indigenous? International rights organisations, national governments and tourism creation. Tourism and Politics: Global Frameworks and Local Realities; Burns, M., Novelli, M., Eds, 109-120.
  6. Keitumetse, S. O., & Nthoi, O. (2009). Investigating the impact of World Heritage site tourism on the intangible heritage of a community: Tsodilo Hills World Heritage site, Botswana. International Journal of intangible Cultural Heritage, 144-149.
  7. Carman, J., & Keitumetse, S. (2005). Talking about heritage and tourism.SAAarchaeologicalrecord, 39.
  8. Keitumetse, S., McAtackney, L., & Senata, G. (2011). MeMory and IdentIty as eleMents of herItage tourIsM In southern afrICa. Cultures and Globalization: Heritage, Memory and Identity, 4, 157.
  9. Keitumetse, S. O. (2013). Cultural resources as sustainability enablers: towards a community-based cultural heritage resources management (COBACHREM) model. Sustainability, 6(1), 70-85.
  10. Keitumetse, S. (2014). Cultural Heritage resources as environmental sustainability enablers within the Sino-Africa environmental partnership: The Case of Botswana. African East-Asian Affairs, (1).
  11. 11. Keitumetse, S. O., & Pampiri, M. G. (2016). Community Cultural Identity in Nature-Tourism Gateway Areas: Maun Village, Okavango Delta World Heritage Site, Botswana. Journal of Community Archaeology & Heritage,3(2), 99-117
  • Dr Keitumetse has both national and international experience from various African countries and institutions outside Africa. She has won academic grants for research fellowships in international institutions that include; the Rockefeller Fellowship at the Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC, USA; the Watson Scholar Fellowship at Brown University in Rhode Island, USA and the Wenner-Gren Foundation research grant for research on ‘historical archaeology of marginal landscapes of eastern Botswana’
Professional service
  • Dr Keitumetse currently serves as an associate editor of the journal Environment, Development, and Sustainability published by Springer. She also sits in the editorial board of the international journal of community archaeology and heritage, published by Taylor and Francis, as well as the International Journal of Heritage and Sustainable Development published by Green Lines Institute, Portugal.
  • Outside academia and in international development Dr Keitumetse has worked and continues to work with institutions such as UNESCO where she has been engaged as an expert advisor, examiner, facilitator, and consultant within the intangible cultural heritage section in countries such as Uganda, Swaziland, and Lesotho.
  • She has corporate governance experience from African government parastatal institution dealing with environment, heritage, tourism and land use planning. These are derived from her tenure as a board director of Botswana Tourism Organisation for six years, where she also chaired a quality assurance committee of the board dealing with grading and certifying tourism accommodation establishments.
  • Research interests:Her overall research interests are in the areas of sustainable development and heritage conservation; historical archaeology; environmental archaeology; nature-culture conservation; world heritage; cultural heritage; community heritage management; communal cultural identities; heritage tourism; heritage and protected areas; international management of cultural heritage; amongst others.
    Researchgate profile
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